Products: Sightline Performance/Capacity Products
Since 1989, MGS, Inc has partnered with Sightline Systems to provide Sightline (formally ViewPoint) performance and capacity products in the ClearPath MCP market.  The current product line, sold by MGS, includes:

Sightline Expert Advisor/Vision (EA/V) analysis PC software
           Create plots, charts and tables of host performance metrics
           Easy to use GUI, runs under Windows
           Standard analysis environments provided
           Alert notification
           Comprehensive dictionary describing all reported metrics
           Integrated WEB based reporting

Sightline ClearPath MCP Performance Power Agent (SPA)
           Realtime monitoring of all aspects of basic MCP operation
           Peripheral (unit, subsystem, family, IOP)
           WFL Job Queues
           Workload statistics
           Site application-specific statistics
           Estimated CPU capacity usage for non-metering machines

Sightline ClearPath MCP Interface Agents (IAs)
           Realtime monitoring of advanced areas of MCP operation
           COMS program and TTRail analysis
           DMSII Database and Audit trail analysis
           BNAv2 monitoring
           Disk Space Accounting
           Job/Task Accounting, Program events
           TCP/IP LAN Monitoring
           CAP/NAP (VNMS) Monitoring

Sightline Capacity Manager (SCM)
           Host-based capacity database derived from the SPA data
           Auto-summarization by 15 minute, hour, custom shift,
                day, week and month
           Keeps decades of capacity history on-line for immediate use
           Single host database or multi-host capacity repository
           SCM Online -
                Acquires capacity data from all Sightline power, interface
                and summary agents and stores it in the SCM Database
           Analyze data with EA/V workstation software or with
                host-based reports

Sightline Workload Analyzer (SWA)
           Host-based task history database with reporting
           Monitors what was run and when
           Tracks resource utilization for each individual program run
           Shows what was in the mix (and its resource usage) at
                any point in time

Other Sightline Power/Interface Agents
           Unisys ClearPath 2200
           Windows/Intel Servers
           UNIX (multiple platforms)
           DEC VMS
           IBM MVS
           EMC disk subsystems
           Microsoft Exchange
           Microsoft SQL Server
           Oracle (multiple platforms)

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