Products: ClearPath A Series Terminal Tool (C.A.T.T.)
C.A.T.T. offers:
  • Standard T27 emulation
  • Supports Telnet, CCF and HTTP Tunneling protocols
  • Also supports SSL over Telnet, CCF and HTTPS Tunneling
  • Support for Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Easy-to-use tools for defining and configuring T27 connections
  • Support for up to 50 screen pages per connection, with no fixed limit on the number of connections defined or in use at the same time
  • Windows edit controls - cut, copy, and paste - that actually work!
  • Customizable screen colors, line width, page size, and other options
  • Full support for variable tab stops
  • Extensive soft key programming
  • Continuous Save - save lengthy text outputs directly to your PC disk
  • Print any screen image directly to your printer or save to a disk file
  • Pass through printing
  • Does not install or affect ANY shared DLL's
  • Easy deployment and control with the SysAdmin's Dream Mode
C.A.T.T. licensing is user-based.  You can install the same copy on your work PC, your personal PC, and your laptop and a single license covers all three since you are a single user.  The licensing fee is $79.95 per user and multi-license discounts are available.

System Administrator's Dream Mode

When you set up C.A.T.T. using System Administrator's Dream Mode, deployment couldn't be easier! You do not deploy the program or its configuration files to the users' PCs. Instead, these are stored on one or more Servers. All you store on a user's PC is an icon. When the user clicks the icon, his system loads C.A.T.T. from your Server (a mere 1 MB) and reads the configuration information from your Server (never more than 128K). The program runs on the user's PC. The user cannot create or modify connection information - i.e., the host name, port number, or station name used to make the connection. However, he can modify his other preference information (e.g., screen colors, etc.).  When you get a new version of C.A.T.T., simply replace your old version on your Server. Users will automatically get the new version the next time they run the program.

The system administrator also has complete control over the site-wide option defaults for your users. Define a "default" set of option settings - font selection, colors, xmit and receive options, etc. - and they are automatically inherited by your users. The user can later tailor them, and his changes are saved in a separate file. That file is also stored on your Server (at your option) where, if you so choose, you can remove the file to force the user back to the site-wide defaults.
Quality software deserves quality support

The C.A.T.T. Annual Maintenance Service Plan includes support, updates, enhancements, and improvements to the software and documentation.  The maintenance plan is a cost-effective way to ensure that your software remains compatible with vendor changes to the operating system and communications software and that you continue to receive all the new product features that are released.  Additional licenses can be purchased at discounts based on the quantity of licenses under a current maintenance plan.

Optional Secure Communications

In addition to being a world class terminal emulator, C.A.T.T. provides secure terminal emulation. C.A.T.T. supports the HTTPS Tunneling available under MCP 11/12.  Under MCP 13 and above, C.A.T.T. supports the Unisys native MCP Telnet-SSL and CCF-SSL facilities.

Beyond the Unisys options, C.A.T.T. also supports the MGS, Inc.  SecureCATT Encryption Server software that provides an AES secure communications link between the C.A.T.T. Unisys Terminal emulation software and your MCP Server.  Whether you connect to your MCP system using Telnet or using CCF, SecureCATT encrypts all data sent and received by the C.A.T.T. Emulator, including Telnet/CCF protocol exchanges and MARC logon messages.  No longer can someone with a TCP/IP  sniffer see your clear-text MCP usercodes/passwords and your data.  Click here for more information on SecureCATT.


Download C.A.T.T. Reference Manual - Click here to download a copy of the C.A.T.T. documentation.

Request Trial Software
- Click here to request a userid/password for a trial copy of the C.A.T.T. software.

Download 3.0g Software - Current release.  Click here to download the C.A.T.T. 3.0g release.  Userid/Password required!

MGS, Inc. now maintains, distributes and supports Don Gregory's MCP terminal emulation software C.A.T.T.
C.A.T.T. is a TCP/IP-based T27 emulator for ClearPath™ MCP and A Series systems. If you want a robust, reliable and inexpensive solution to your TD/MT/ET/T27 emulation needs, C.A.T.T. is the purrfect answer!