MGS provides a number of software products for both the Unisys MCP and the Open Systems environments.

SecureCATT - Secure Terminal Emulation
The optional SecureCATT Encryption Server software provides a secure communications link between the C.A.T.T. Unisys Terminal emulation software and your MCP Server.  Whether you connect to your MCP system using Telnet or using CCF, SecureCATT encrypts all data sent and received by the C.A.T.T. Emulator, including Telnet/CCF protocol exchanges and MARC logon messages.  No longer can someone with a TCP/IP  sniffer see your clear-text MCP usercodes/passwords and your data.

The DELIVER File Delivery Utility
The DELIVER Utility is run from a WFL job stream or a CANDE terminal to easily deliver MCP files exactly where you need them. Using DELIVER a file can be directed to one of the following destinations outside the MCP environment: e-mail a disk file to an e-mail address, copy a file to another MCP host via BNA, send a report to a fax machine, transfer a file to an FTP server or copy a file to a Windows™ share.
Gregory's ClearPath A Series Terminal Tool (C.A.T.T.)
C.A.T.T. is an affordable and reliable TCP/IP-based T27 emulator.  It provides standard TD/MT/ET/T27 terminal emulation along with all the Windows features you expect in workstation software: Windows editing functions, soft key programming, and a wide variety of other GUI capabilities.
MCP Web Services Software (MGSWEB)
MCP applications can now access or serve-up true Web Services and direct DMSII database access without middle-tier support.  MCP Web Services (MGSWEB) is a set of software components, running on the MCP platform that  allows you to have your MCP system serve up Web Services that are based existing COMS transactions or DMSII databases.  It allows existing MCP applications to call Web Services that are available on other computers connected to your Intranet or the Internet.
Sightline Performance and Capacity Products
Sightline products allow you to acquire, analyze and store performance and capacity data.  The Sightline Power/Interface Agents collect information on all aspects of your system hardware/software operation.  The Sightline Capacity Manager provides a historical database for long-term retention.  Expert Advisor Vision lets you easily analyze the SPA and SCM data at your PC.  The Sightline Workload Analyzer collects, stores and reports program information from the system log.  Measure and manage your IT success with Sightline!
File Manager for ClearPath/A Series (FMA)
Browse and manage your MCP files from a PC GUI.  MGS, Inc. offers a workstation-based product that allows ClearPath MCP files to be managed from a Windows workstation using an interface similar to the Windows Explorer.   The utility supports all ClearPath MCP disk, tape and CD-ROM formats.
Proof of Correctness System (PCS)
Validate your online, batch and DMSII applications when you make changes.  The PCS software provides an automated testing and result evaluation facility for on-line environments, a means of comparing file outputs and databases, and a facility to describe and generate transactions to exercise input screen editing logic in your on-line programs.
High Volume Facsimile (HVFAX)
Send facsimiles directly from your MCP applications.  HVFAX is a combination of hardware and software that affords the user a high volume production quality facsimile transmission capability that can be integrated with normal production output printing.