Products: File Manager for ClearPath/A Series (FMA)
MGS, Inc. offers a workstation-based product that allows ClearPath MCP files to be managed from a Windows workstation using an interface similar to the Windows Explorer.   File Manager for ClearPath/A Series (FMA) supports all ClearPath MCP disk, tape and CD-ROM formats.   Management services provided are:
  • Browse (including file attributes)
  • Copy (any type of MCP file)
  • Remove
  • Rename
  • List (text and hex)
  • Download/Upload
No special communication connection or host software is required for FMA to run.  Simply install FMA on any PC that currently has Terminal Emulation or TCP/IP connectivity to one or more ClearPath MCP host systems. 
  • No host software to install/maintain
  • Uses the standard MARC/CANDE terminal interface
  • Built-in Telnet transport or works with all CORE transports
  • Does not require host changes (establishing an MCP share, etc)
  • Does not require Windows Explorer extensions to be installed
  • Works with all Unisys terminal protocols (poll/Select, Telnet, etc)
  • Works with all non-Unisys Front-end TCP/IP gateways
  • Restricts users based on their MARC logon security privileges
Once installed, browse through any of the ClearPath MCP files like you would browse files on your own PC's hard disk.  The following is an example of the FMA window.
The FMA main window is made up of the following major elements:
  • Drop-down menu bar
  • Shortcut Tool bar
  • Left panel unit/directory tree (includes all packs, tapes and CDs)
  • Right panel detail view of the current directory
  • Right Panel shows name, size, kind and last modified date
  • Right-Click / Properties shows all MCP file attributes
  • Bottom status bar

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Download Software
- Click here to download the FMA 4.01b release. 
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